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Horseback Riding Lessons

Show opportunities at local venues are an option. Cobble Hill Fair, Cowichan Exhibition and schooling shows!

Quick Details

Riding Lessons at Alpine Stables

Learn to ride with our excellent, safe, gorgeous school horses. We have an amazing therapeutic facility! Coaching is our passion! We love watching students get the most of their ride. It’s a super confidence builder.

  • We offer every level of riding.
  • Ages 5–100!
  • Basic English through hunter/jumper.
  • Basic Dressage through the upper levels of classical.
  • Basic western.

We also offer lease-combo lesson packages. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop a more one-on-one connection with your lease horse/pony. This gives you a sense of what it is like to own your own horse without the high costs.

Lease/lesson students will have opportunity to enter local shows.

Dressage Lessons

Learn to ride Classical Dressage with Carla or Aleisha.Both are competitive Equine Canada coaches/trainers and have been riding and coaching students in the Dressage arena for many years. This is a favorite — it is like riding to music and teaching your horse to dance. Dressage riding is a very self-fulfilling discipline for both horse and rider.

Hunter Jumper Lessons

This is perfect for riders who have established the basics and would like to challenge themselves and want to improve their jumping skills.

Back in the Saddle for Adults and Seniors

Do you miss horses? Did you ride when you were younger but due to life, be it work, marriage and/or children, it became just a memory? Get back into it with our great, safe horses and a mature, fun-loving atmosphere. Our instructors are patient, supportive and will help you progress at your own pace. Riding can become part of your life again!

Teen Time Lessons (Ages 13–19)

This is a perfect opportunity to introduce horses into their lives. Horse therapy is a super self esteem and confidence builder. Students feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment after working with their equine partners. Whether they are coming for their first lesson or have had some lessons before, we guarantee an amazing experience. We also touch on the care and responsibilities of owning a horse. Working student opportunities available.

Youth Lessons (Ages 8–12)

This is a great way to build self esteem as they learn safety, grooming and riding skills in the ring. A little bit of trail riding and obstacle course is introduced to gain some confidence.

Tiny Tots Lessons (Ages 5–7)

Do you have a young child that is horse crazy? We give children a feeling of connection with these beautiful creatures. Safety and grooming is taught. They enjoy basic lessons in the riding ring with a touch of trail riding. Beginning with 45min 1:1 instruction, moving to a 1hr group where they can make friends and share their passion for ponies! $65.

Western Lessons

Learn a great way to relax and have fun. Basic western riding aids are taught.

Prices: +GST

Private lessons – $90/45min on an Alpine horse – $80/45min on your own horse

Group lessons – $70/1hr on an Alpine horse – $60/1hr on your own horse

Lease rides – $50/1hr ride

Lessons are to be set up by email and paid for on a monthly basis on the 1st of each month via e-transfer. Inquire at [email protected].